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This is a meme created by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurtlutgert.org. It reads, "You are an aspect of divine Being. Being you is a dream come true. Live upon purpose the dream of you!"

Your purpose is always aligned with you being bright. All of our purposes are unique, and all are aligned to Being whole.

This is a meme created by kurt Lutgert and posted on Kurtlutgert.org. It says, Our purpose is to manifest the shine we already are.

It’s amazing that the only thing stopping us from being who we are is us! It’s our own misperceptions and erroneous conclusions that prevent us from being whole. So when we can be aware of our sensations, feelings and thoughts, we can see where we have the domains of fact and interpretation collapsed into one. This is how we can judge others. When we think some one is a “jerk,” and we think of that “jerk” like a fact, we have blocked our own possibilities for perception. This veils our shine!

All of us already shine and walk in heaven. All of us also have a unique curiosity and purpose in life. When we align to being whole then we begin to shine. When we align to who we are, and our lives give us all the clues, we start to align with a power much greater than ourselves alone.

Ultimately our purpose is aligning to Being. Yet beyond that, it is being who we each are  We each have an individual set of skills and abilities mixed with our own tones of beliefs and values. Once we tune into these in alignment with the breath of our own bring, or at least being authentic about ourselves, we step into who we really are. When we do this, we shine.

All of us shine already, yet when we manifest the shine we already are, the rest of us can see the shine too. When who we are acts in the world, we spread light, fulfillment and joy in the world. We also inspire others to do the same, creating even more light. Before we know it we can shine as the individuals we already are and also allow earth to do the same.

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