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We are always creating. Sometimes we don’t realize this. Especially when it comes to what we think about others. We just think it to be true. Yet even in this case our thoughts and words, though not necessarily true, are creative.

Whether we know it or not we are creating even when we don’t know we are creating. Much of the time our minds think for us in judging others. This is an automatic thinking that has been inherited by us from society. Yet, this is a creation too. When we recreate old outdated modes of thinking, we perpetuate the sickness.

We can step beyond this type of limiting creation by purposefully altering the tide of such thoughts (and subsequent actions) into the bays of love and appreciation. This is completely within our power to do. Each of us in like a river of thought that pours into the ocean of Being.

Next time you judge in your thinking, catch yourself there and let that be the cue to start a new routine. Instead of then speaking the judgment or acting it out, step into the light and allow the soothing breeze of the the love that is all around us to penetrate your heart. You will feel lighter and more free when you step into appreciation and forgiveness, then when you hold restriction in judgement and blame.

As we shift our thoughts into connection and love, we then create a world of joy and possibility. Much of the time we blame the condition of the world or other things for the reason we may be frustrated. When we do this we are like ignoramouses, not seeing reality correctly. We don ‘t realize that it is us who create our own perceptions, experiences and reality of the world. Divine Being is always here in everything, we just are most always looking for other things.

Together we can create and perpetuate a world that works for us all. We can be in a world light, free, healthy and joyous. If only we see it to be so!

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