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This meme is a play on the daylight savings time change, alluding to the time paradigm our society gives us to operate under.


This is a meme created by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurtlutgert.org. It reads, May the relativity of time be proven today?!"


Throughout history, many people have influenced the development of our species. Thanks to Albert Einstein, it’s easier for us to see the paradigm of time we’ve operated under. We used to interpret time as this inviolable linear fact, but Einstein taught us that time is actually relative to outside forces such as gravity and velocity. Einstein explains this in is his theory of relativity.

This has also been proven by experience. For instance, experiments show that atomic clocks in space run at different rates than the same ones on earth. Time is intricately connected to the space around it. Space-time actually changes due to differences in either gravity or velocity. Time is not a hard linear fact, time is relative to its observer and location. As Einstein said, “an hour with your beloved feels like a minute; a minute on a hot stove feels like an hour.”

Time is a very interesting phenomenon. We see the same effects of time-dilation reflected in our own lives. Due to our mental filters, we often re-create the future as a repeat of the past. We see the past as fixed. We hardly ever experience the now. Due to the energetic cross-currents we create in our lives, our perceptions of the outside world tend to stay the same, and we continue to get the same results that we always have. We think we can change future outcomes, but through the filter of our mental habit loops, we are stuck on repeat.

We create our future and everything in life, whether we realize it or not, regardless of the past. The difference, once we see how align to our purpose in life, if that we can gain control of our creations, instead of letting our energetic crosscurrents control them for us. Yet, most of us still cannot see how powerful we really are and that all we seek already lies right within each of us.

This is how we keep having the same problems, issues, or relationships over and over—we take our past and project it ahead of us into the future. Arnold Glasgow said, “The future is the past returning through another gate.” We create and re-create. Our personas pretend our subconscious fears don’t exist; yet they keep running us. When we’re in auto-reaction we keep having to prove things over and over, or experience certain feelings again and again, thus wasting energy on what could otherwise be used for success in wealth, love, work and play.

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