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This is a meme written by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurtlutget.org. It reads, "If you take a step back don't go into regret. As toddlers learn walking, we may naturally fall as we reach out to new levels of being. Don't stay down, stand up & step out again!"

Sometimes we don’t meet our goals. Maybe we set them too high or maybe we didn’t keep a promise. Many of us may have not met New Years resolutions. Regardless, the worst thing we can do is then get stuck in a downward cycle of regret. This makes us feel ten times heavier, so if we’ve fallen down regret makes it so much harder to get up. There’s a lesson in the event and our best move is to take the lesson and get right back at it.

When we take on new ways of being, it can really go against the grain of the habits we have already created in our lives. This can be very uncomfortable for us and others. So while it may be diffiuclt  for us, friends may also give us a hard time. Yet just because our resistance to being better gets us down today doesn’t mean we have lost. It certainly doesn’t make us an less of a person. In fact, that we got our there and gave it a shot says just how amazing we are.

What can we learn from the experience? Were there sensations, events, triggers? Can we tune back into the passion that buoyed our goals in the first place? We are powerful blessed  beings. We can reach our goals and so much more than we ever imagined. All we have to do is get our there and get it done. Start now.


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