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This is a meme created by Kurt Lutgert. It reads, "When we illuminate our hearts with love we ignite the shining orb of light we already are."

The only thing blocking the light that is alway us, is us!

We are harnessed by our personas, which create the illusion of separation. This breeds judgement, gossip, conflicts, emotions decisions, false conclusions of ego and much more. When we can be mindful of these energies as they occur in our lives, we gain the power to not react to them. When we can non-react to them and be mindful of their presence in our auras and our bodies, then we allow them to clear and disapate.

Light shines within us and around us always. All we have to do is align to it. When we do this, we shine light and love everywhere we go. It is here now and always everywhere!

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