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A loving smile is a boundless wave of flowing light divine!

This is a poem I wrote:

This a a poem written and made into a meme by Kurt lutgert published on kurtlutgert.org. It reads, "Loving Smile Boundless Wave Flowing Light Divine."

When we are truly aligned with the divine, we are connected to all of life in the most blissful of ways. Our love may emanate with a smile that literally ripples across the room pouring on to others like a wave of pure love. We are all connected by light and our love opens our ability to perceive the light/love connection where all is boundless and divine.

When we smile, we enlighten the whole world. When we are truly happy and aligned to our purpose in life and to God, we literally eminate energy waves of light and love. Everything we do has power. When we are able to be a part of the Being that is already all around us and within us, we directly experience the boundless bliss of divinity.

When we align to our lives, allowing our authentic selves to shine and contribute to the world, we create the lives we’ve always dreamed of. We also impact the lives of others through our state of being, which is now more pure whole light of Being, of God.

When we send out love to others, as in the case of a smile, we give them and ourselves the greatest gift ever of acknowledging that we are all connected. We can impact people all across the world with one authentic loving smile.

Allow your smile to flow across the universe!


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