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LIFE: Let It Flow Energetically!

I wrote a meme acronym for LIFE a few days ago, and since I have come up with a more accurate version.

Before it said LIFE: Let It Flow Effortlessly. While this can and does happen, the truth is that much of the time life actually takes a lot of effort. This doesn’t have to be a bad sort of effort or work, especially when we are making progress in life and becoming a better version of our selves. But it certainly does require effort.

Effort, focus and determination are all very beneficial for us in life. Once we allow our natural energies to flow and they flow more, our work and actions can seem effortless. Yet the effortless feeling of it all comes from the flowing of energy. The flowing of energy takes effort to create in our lives.

Our brains are hardwired to protect ourselves. This can be of great help, yet when we don’t see the energetic process in action, it can also really hold us back. It’s like if we held up a shield to protect against a blow and then we forgot we were holding the shield up or we want too continue holding it up, so we can be protected from harm or pain. But then later in life, when there are no threats anywhere, the weight of the shield can become a burden and restrict our energetic flow in life.

There are many thoughts, beliefs, actions and habits that use up our energies everyday. They can easily be grouped into two types of categories. 1) Those that are energetically free. 2) Those that are energetically restricting. Though some can be either. When we can be aware of how we are spending our energy, we can then gain contemplation of many ways in which we either restrict or free our being.

Our life is energy. It’s a ratio of freeing beliefs to restricting beliefs. So happiness = F/R. The more freeing actions we make compared to restricting ones creates how light and happy we are. Light like we dance when walking light. It’s aligned with physics.

We are powerful light beings with the natural capacity for harmony, success, fulfillment and love. All we have to do is get out of our own way!

Choose to truly Be with energetically free actions!


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