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What? If happiness were a choice, then why would anyone decide to not be happy? It’s that we are so bogged down with the energies of our persona, we don’t realize what we are deciding. Our natural state is actually to be happy and enlivened but our automatic conclusions and decisions block this experience. We are creating our perspectives of the world all the time. We are infinitely powerful and can create what we want in life. But guess what? If we aren’t actively creating our own lives, then the blocked energies of our personas are doing it for us. This is a normal state for us. Our mental and emotional energies get blocked in our auras when we judge others, blame or criticize situations, etc. This is what creates our delusions. When we accept our fears and be authentic, we then can be able to stop all of our automatic reactiveness. We can see the process and then choose to not react anymore. Then we will naturally align with our birthright of happiness. We can then also enhance this by choosing to align with the light further in our words and actions. Together in these ways, we can manifest the heaven on earth that is available to us even now!

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