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Freedom Lies in Love. Joy is our Choice and Creation! - KurtLutgert.org
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Our freedom and joy is dictated by our own beliefs!

This is a meme created by Kurt Lutgert and publishes on kurtlutgert.org. It reads, "When we judge others we lock ourselves into an energetic prison. Freedom lies in love."

When we judge we tend to think the uneasiness and the blame all lie in that person. All we are really doing is closing the creative domain of possibilities and cutting our own selves off from the joyous wonder that is all around. There is so much light and love around us, yet, when we judge we cut ourselves off from it. We are literally the creators of how we experience the heaven that is all around us. For the most part we do not see because we are blinded by energetic blocks such as judgement, gossip or hate. There are many of these that we believe in. One of the basics is separation. We are not separate from others. That is why when were judge others we literally are judging ourselves. We have the power to set the whole world free, yet first we have to step beyond our silly little petty concerns that support the desires of our personas. Light and love is here now for us to enjoy!


Remember freedom lies in Love!

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