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This is a meme created by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurtlutgert.org. It reads, "Thinking regret is going into debt."

Regret is energetic debt.
This is a meme created by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurtlutgert.org. It reads, "Thinking regret is going into debt."

We have all been in the place where we think, “Why did I do that,” or “I shouldn’t have done that.” There are two paths to walk after such thoughts. Too many of us take the negative thinking path where we feel bad and regret what we have done. Most of the time, it’s just our own thinking and hasn’t injured others. Thinking Regret is going into Debt.

The other path is one of positive thinking. Here we don’t let our past actions hold us down. Instead we take them for the lessons they are and use them to lift us up! Mistakes or falling short can be some of the best teachers in life.
The past is the past. When we regret it, we take whatever negativity we think existed then and we bring it into the now. This kills the beauty and vitality of the present moment. Not only does regret keep us down, it also blocks the creativity of the present moment too.
Instead of being in regret about something, perhaps we can look for the gold in the incident and look for ways we can be better. Every mistake happens for a reason. So was it really a mistake? Or was it a great lesson or great insight?
The choice to see the past either way is up to us, but one way will leave us down and powerless and the other way will leave us upbeat and masterful. So it is completely in our own power to be happy and uplifted or sad and down. It makes no sense to let something that happened in the past to control us in a defeating matter when it is all just our own interpretation.
The only reality is now. So why even let the past control and define our experience of the now? Don’t think regret and imprison yourself in energetic debt! Instead see how to grow, not making the same mistake again and give yourself an energetic charge.


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