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This is a meme written by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurtlutgert.org. We can't change others by trying to change them. Yet if we alter our energetic dance step in relation to them, our experience of them will shift as we change ourselves.

All of our relationships sway in an energetic dance. Some people who are able to get deep into dancing will tell you they can feel the energy between them and their partners. That our energy extends beyond us and into the other.

When we think and intent well upon others, we can feel it. The same for when we are blaming others. Then energy can be felt all around to those who activate their sensitivity Thus even when we act towards others as if they are somehow flawed or wrong, it comes across like an energetic dagger. We create resistance, when our intention may actually be good.

We can’t change people buy working on them. If we do so much of the time we are going to be working against major resistance. When we are confronted, it’s normal for us to go into resistance. As Mike Smith used to always say, “If you want to change others your had better first practice with mules.” All of us are ultimately super powerful beings. Yet, we frequently want to change others because we think they are in need of changing or that they are wrong. When we come at others with the energy of you are wrong, we hit a wall.

When we accept others for the way they are, we allow possibility into our energetic relationship with them. When we open up possibility, such as the possibility that maybe he isn’t such a jerk after all, we then begin to lead the energetic dance. All of a sudden it is within our power to change the “jerk” to a nice guy. All we have to do is change the way we perceive him and hence, the way we act and react around him.

And wholla! We change others by changing our perception of them.

We all are divine children of God. When we step into this and own our power, we can create whatever experiences we want in life. We are so much more powerful than we know and we create much more of what we experience in our lives than we know.

Good Being is here and now. Light, laughter and love is here now. All we have to do is choose to see that it is so.

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