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Do you ever hate to wait? Well, skip the wait & meditate. - KurtLutgert.org
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Many of us hate to wait. It happens all the time. In the line at the grocery, at the airport or in the doctors office. This is the perfect opportunity to take some time for ourselves to breathe deep and relax. Instead of being irritated over having to wait, use the moments as a blessing to meditate or pray. If we focus on our bodies we can become present in the now. Where does the irritation lie in our bodies? As we breathe deeply we can feel if there are sensations in the neck, head or back. As we breathe more we can feel this subtle restrictive sensation more and, as we do, it dissolves. When we can bring our awareness to the body and the now, we can release the resistance that had been making us hating to wait in the first place. That tension is there regardless and if not released, we carry it around with us all day. So use waiting as a gift from the universe to take time to be mindful of body and breath, and to free emotions and thought. In this way we an touch the beauty of the light and love that is always around us at all times everywhere.

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