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Your Possibilities Are Boundless - KurtLutgert.org
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This is a meme created by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurtlutgert.org. It reads, "Your Possibilities Are Boundless!"

Be boundless as you truly are. All of us are powerful beyond all belief. We can do whatever we want in the world. All possibility lies right within us. God lies right within us. God is all powerful and God wants us to be powerful too. All we have to do is align to the shine we already are. We can be all the glory we are meant to be by connecting to the light that already is here within us. We all have a unique purpose in this life and when we tap into that everything makes sense and we feel connected to all that is. Then the path becomes clear and we can feel at peace wherever we are. We can feel joyful and fulfilled most of the time because we are living life for the adventure of endless possibilities that it is.


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