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this is a meme written by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurt lutgert.org. It reads, "Being authentic lies beyond what you say or do it's in the energy of simply being you"

Being authentic is aligned with our fun and play. Of course what we do and say are natural outfalls of what our being is. Yet, if we are doing or saying something to look good or to impress others, this is not our authentic self. That is our persona acting as it does, which includes an auto reaction that we don’t usually control. We hardly even realize its going on! To step beyond this process, and into the joy of being our authentic selves, we can learn how to not react. This involves getting to know ourselves so we can be aware of when we are going into the autoreactiveness of our personas. One of the easiest ways to see this is to be in tune with our emotions. When we can see we are angry we can step back and look where we are being run by our personas. Oh, I’m angry because I think someone is a jerk. Well, now we may to gossip and prove to others that person is a jerk, or we can stop they viscious cycle and be free of it by not reacting to it. Then we open the door for our natural energies of light and love to flow.

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