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We create all the time.

This is a meme written by Kurt Lutgert and published on kurtlutgert.org. It reads, "When we judge and blame others we create negativity in all our lives."

Whether we know it or not we are creating even when we don’t know we are creating. Much of the time our minds think for us in judging others. This is an automatic thinking that has been inherited by us from society. Yet, this is a creation too.

We can step beyond this type of creation (or destruction) by purposefully altering the tide of such thoughts (and subsequent actions) into the bays of love and appreciation. This is completely within our power to do.

Next time you judge in thought, catch yourself there and let that be the cue to start a new routine. Instead of then speaking the judgment or acting it out, step into the light  and allow the soothing breeze of the the love that is all around us to penetrate your heart.

As we shift our thoughts into connection and love, we then create a world of joy and possibility. Together we can be a world that work for us all.


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